Sunday, 29 September 2019

Wellcome Gallery 24 September

Wellcome Gallery 24 September

The heavens opened and flooded the roads but we three got there!
Thereís a new Gallery on 1st Floor, a permanent show entitled ëBeing Humaní showing 50 objects & artworks covering Genetics, Minds & Bodies, Infection and Environmental Breakdown.


Janet K chose the colourful Yinka Shonibare in this display. The figure had various survival implements inset on the dungarees made from African Fabric.

Judith went to Medicine Man Gallery, chose a variety of glass vases arranging them to overlap and create lovely shapes. 

She then went on to study a figure from the Congo 1880-1920: 'Nkisi' - which had a container for spiritual forces with the power to protect. 

Sue made a study of 'World under Pressure': a pressure cooker and 2 gas flagons. Dangerous objects in to be found in many Moroccan kitchens - placing a global impact on poorest sector of society.

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